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Sulfur Burners Chile


The Sweetwater sulfur burner amends alkaline water, leading to improved water and soil conditions. In addition to treating alkaline water and soil, the sulfur burner has substantial agronomic benefits to specific crops.

Sulfur Burners Chile

World Golf, Turf, and Landscaping

Irrigation water quality leads directly to turf quality.

Using the Sweetwater sulfur burner to amend alkaline water can lead to improved water, soil, and turf conditions. The Sweetwater sulfur burner can reduce algae and treat alkaline conditions helping to maintain clear water and healthy turf all year long.

Sulfur Burners Chile

Nursery, Greenhouse, and Botanical Gardens

Maintaining proper balances of water, minerals, pH, and fertilizers is essential for a successful nursery, greenhouse, turf, or garden.

Many flowers, turf, plants, and trees require slightly acidic water (6.0 – 6.8) for proper growth.

Agua Dulce empowers nurseries, greenhouses, botanical gardens, and turf growers to produce sulfurous acid on site in order to maintain proper pH levels.

Sulfur Burners Chile

Industrial applications

The Sulfurous acid obtained from the combustion of pure sulfur can replace sulfuric acid in most industrial processes.

The Sweetwater sulfur burner provides an easy and safe way to get acid at a lower price.

Lower pH levels
Neutralize carbonates and bicarbonates
Leach salts and sodium
Increase quality and quantity of crop yields
Improve availability and absorption of micronutrients by the roots
60-70% less expensive than Sulfuric acid
Organic approved

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